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Sterling Silver Amber Celtic Love Knot Ring Design Unique

Sterling Silver Amber Celtic Love Knot Ring Design Unique

Sterling Silver Amber Celtic Love Knot Ring
The most recognizable color of amber can be found in almost every key location where yellow mined: Africa, South America, New Zealand and Eurasia. Depending on location, age range 10-90 million years old honey amber. Basically, honey-yellow is a time capsule preserving the compressed organic material, such as insects, and even small animals. Known as the "Window to the Past", honey-yellow to tell fantastic stories of a long, long ago. Cognac (or Honey) is the color most often associated with yellow gemstones. When people think of "yellow", it is a stone cognac, or honey, yellow described. If you mix together all the yellow on the same palette, you will generate good cognac color. It is often found in the hues of golden summer sunset. Inclusion appears very well in the shade of yellow. Often times, the stone is selected only on how inclusions reflect light as jewelry worn. Amber is a conductor of heat, and provides healing energy when worn close to the skin.
The history of yellow began about 90 million years ago in the lush green forest in the territory of modern Northern Europe. Trees in this region produces an aromatic resin, is used for protection against the trigger, fungi and bark-eating insects. These resins will slowly cover the cascade trapping organic waste bark and sometimes live insects along the way. Almost 40 different species of trees that produced this protective resin, accounting for much of the color yellow today.
Sterling Silver Amber Celtic Love Knot Wedding Ring
Over millions of years, this gold resin produced by pre-historic trees accumulated in many layers in the soil below. With the onset of the Great Ice Age, the forests have been killed; the ground freezes and the process of fossilization began creating beautiful deposits of amber. After that the Great Ice, glacier melt flows over the yellow deposits, forming the Baltic and North Sea. Because of this geological events, yellow find a new home in the sea. Jewel spent thousands of years of under 100 feet of sand on the seabed. After a violent sea storm, various yellow lumps will separate and float among the waves, eventually reaching the coast to be discovered by humans. Aisti people were the first to take a lump of yellow along the Baltic coast 25,000 years ago. Aisti believe that the sun amber pieces that have fallen to earth and appreciated as a gift from heaven.

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