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Blessing Of The Emerald & Diamond Claddagh Ring Design

Blessing Of The Emerald & Diamond Claddagh Ring Design

emerald and diamond Claddagh rings
Let love, loyalty and friendship with you always when you wear the Blessing emerald and diamond Claddagh ring, based on the beloved Claddagh Celtic symbols venerated since the 17th century. Claddagh brings you to join hands for friendship, heart for love and a crown for loyalty, was created in 3-band ring design which is an exclusive jewelry from Bradford Exchange. 3 and 6 timeless beauty of emerald diamonds add to the wealth of this revered symbol of good fortune, and the hidden message engraved in each ring adding more meaning. This special unique message 3-band ring made of solid sterling silver plated in gleaming 24K gold. The center band features the traditional Claddagh symbol with a bunch of emeralds in the liver, and on both sides of the diamond solitaire set in a sparkling opening. Four more diamonds grace the two side bands. Each band bears the engraved message - Love, Loyalty and Friendship - and all three rings can be worn together or separately.
  • A band 3 -, emerald and diamond ring hidden message inspired by respected Claddagh symbol, in an exclusive jewelry designs both from Bradford Exchange
  • This emerald and diamond ring presents the beloved Claddagh, symbolizing the nature of Love, Loyalty and Friendship, accented by 3 emerald glow in the liver
  • 6 sparkling diamonds grace opens trigger settings of all three rings, diamond solitaire rings with 2 each.
  • Thanks to this emerald and diamond Claddagh rings made of experts in solid sterling silver, plated with gleaming 24K gold
  • Each of the three bands in this ring is engraved message inside with the single word message of inspiration Claddagh it: "Love," "Loyalty" and "Friendship"
  • 3 bands can be worn together or separately
  • Thanks from Claddagh emerald and diamond ring comes in a custom presentation case
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Now  have Blessing Of The Claddagh Emerald & Diamond Hidden Message Ring for your self!

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