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Unique Black Titanium Engagement Rings Design

Black Titanium Engagement Rings Express Uniqueness of Your Love

A black titanium engagement ring is luxury and elegance beauty.  Titanium is your great choice if you are metal sensitivities, or don't like the weight of a heavy ring. Whether you chooses a relatively traditional engagement ring design or opts for a simple wedding engagement ring band, the uniqueness of the titanium engagement ring design is sure to stand out as much as the uniqueness of your love.  This attractive metal also maintains its color and won't yellow, fade, or tarnish over time. If you need a durable yet elegant ring this is for you.

Edwar Mirell's Black Titanium Engagement Rings

Edward Mirell is a designer jewelry brand that focuses on breakthrough technology to build a new runway in fashion. Jewelry was developed based on the strength of modern metal, making any fashion statement is growing evidence of the authority. Edward Mirell All products are designed, engineered, and manufactured at our 40,000 sq ft facility in Deerfield Beach, Florida. This jewelry has titanium engine gray and black, cast silver, and cast titanium gray and black. Spectore Corporation is a manufacturer of jewelry which launched the first complete line of contemporary men and women cast jewelry. Taking advantage of a local design studio, engineering and manufacturing to ensure quality control for each major product Edward Mirell.
Edward Mirell Designer Black Titanium 16.5 MM Heritage Signet Ring 
Titanium black is used by the Corporation was created by Edward Mirell Spectore through research and development by combining titanium with other strategic elements. That is the experience Spectore and collaborative framework with the metallurgists and Aerospace industries that create these and other unique materials. Each piece in the Edward Mirell Black Ti ™ collection has the same benefits to consumers as a Titanium Gray, Black Ti ™ nevertheless provide a rich black appearance, clean, and in contrast to the metal that will not chip or the skin and not the applied coating or plating. Black Ti ™ is a proprietary alloy that undergoes a transformation at the molecular level to be a hard ceramic black, rolling loud from the outside in.

The attributes are created through a unique and exciting process produces a highly scratch resistant surface on the Black Ti ™ pieces. All Edward Mirell jewelry is proudly manufactured in the United States on a 40,000 sq ft facility in Deerfield Beach, Florida. This facility is the only single in the world is focused on, developing, manufacturing design, and inspired artistic products made in Modern Metals.

Here's our nest Edward Mirell Engagement Ring collection:

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