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Celtic Filigree Wedding Band White Gold Design Engagement Ring-Enchanta Collection Sterling Silver Cross Design Ring

Celtic Filigree Wedding Band Design Engagement Ring & Enchanta Collection Sterling Silver Cross Design Ring

Celtic Filigree Wedding Band, 14K Yellow Gold 
Our Gold 14K White Wide Celtic Filigree Wedding Band is a band beautifully intricate and woven designer. Look closely at the geometric forms of tightly woven to reveal a hidden cross in the center of each band of Celtic knot-work. A rich blend of two powerful symbols. Band measuring 10mm wide. Entertaining a suitable design. Also available in yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum, which is shown below. Also available in 18k gold. This unique Celtic wedding ring is made using Diamond Engraving methodology, best known method for fine-line detail on the metal surface, such as gold, for carving long lasting and durable design! We guarantee our Celtic Filigree Wedding Band, 14K White Gold to be high quality, authentic jewelry, as described above.
Now you can have Celtic Filigree Wedding Band, 14K White Gold!

Enchanta Collection Sterling Silver and 18K Filigree Cross Design Ring
This complex is oxidized sterling silver ring decorated and equipped with a 18 karat yellow gold cross and hammered design accents. Designs that stand out in the ring size of approx. 1 "Square. Shank is approx. 12mm wide and tapers to approx. 5mm ring finger sits on top of about 6.5mm. This collection Enchanta designer-type ring. Suitable KI-750 132 necklaces, earrings and bracelets-720 256 KI KI-730 226.

Now you can have Enchanta Collection Sterling Silver & 18K Filigree Cross Design Ring!

Sterling silver and 18k gold Enchanta Collection Filigree Oval with Amethyst Ring Design

This great sterling silver and 18k gold amethyst ring designer style oval fit for a queen. It features five amethyst stones arranged in a cross pattern. Oval has a two-tone design Etruscan suburb surrounded by wires, it is about 1 1/8 inch by 7/8 inches. The shank of features in antiqued filigree carving and go out and measure 10mm wide at the top and tapering to 5mm at the bottom. This is the size of the ring 8. This stunning gemstone ring sits about 3/8 inches high from the finger and the game designers amethyst pendant style of KI-741 056, rings and bracelets-720 205 KI KI-730 194.

Make Sterling silver and 18k gold Enchanta Collection filigree oval with amethyst ring  your own right now!

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