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Engagement Rings Wedding Sets-Ladies Wedding Rings-Mens Wedding Band

Engagement Rings Wedding Sets

Ladies wedding rings feature 2.00 ct (8 x 8 mm) round cut center stone accented by 2 heart shaped smaller stones, and 6 smaller 0.10 (3 x 3 mm) round cut stones (3 on each side). Wedding band features 9 of 0.10 (3 x 3 mm) round cut stones. Lady's set material is Solid Sterling Silver (stamped 925 to indicate Authenticity) finished with Platinum/Rhodium that serves as a protection against tarnishing, this is the same finish applied to fine white gold jewelry. We use only top grade lab-created stones that cut to the same specifications as genuine diamonds. They are the very best cubic zirconias on the market.
His & Hers 3 Pieces, 925 Sterling Silver & Stainless Steel Engagement Wedding Ring Set 

Fantastic Clarity and Sparkle! mens wedding band metal is Stainless Steel. Physical qualities of high strength, toughness, durability, low density, corrosion resistance and biological compatibility make it very popular in jewelry industry. Our rings are high polished and decorated by round cut zirconium stones. Width: 6 mm
Now you can haveSterling Silver & Stainless Steel Engagement Wedding Ring Set,!

Tungsten Carbide Silver Diamond CZ Wedding Band Ring Set

His & Her's 8MM/6MM Tungsten Carbide Silver Diamond CZ Wedding Band Ring Set (Available Sizes 4-14 Including Half Sizes 

Not often do we find this kind of ring. So amazing, with such intricate attention to detail, and very affordable. Brushed satin with shiny beveled edge. A narrow band and is very smooth around the entire face of the ring supports seven of sparkling cubic zirconias highest quality beautiful in their setting. Unforgettable. It features a slanted edge precision and comfort fit design.

Tungsten is one of the hardest metal on the planet. Durability is really unparalleled in the jewelry industry. Tungsten is 10 times harder than 18K gold, 5 times harder than tool steel and four times harder than titanium. It measures between 8 and 9 on the Mohs scale, with a diamond was the highest at 10. Tungsten has been used for decades in industrial applications where only the strongest and hardest metal will suffice. Incredible strength and timeless beauty of our tungsten rings you'll cherish them for a lifetime.

All rings are manufactured with tungsten carbide using nickel as a binder. Many companies choose to use cobalt as a binder for a little cheaper. While elements of both will work fine, cobalt has a higher tendency to have negative reactions to skin some. This is why we use a nickel. Although in some very rare cases the customer will find he has an allergy to nickel, our ring is generally considered to be hypo-allergenic.

Get His & Her's 8MM/6MM Tungsten Carbide Brushed Silver Diamond CZ Wedding Band Ring Sets   today!

Tungsten Gold Plated Celtic Rings for Women and Men-Wedding Bands Engagement Rings Set
Blue Chip Unlimited - Matching Solid Tungsten 18k Gold Plated Celtic Rings 9mm for Him 8mm for Her His & Hers Ring Set Wedding Bands Engagement Rings 
Another great way to demonstrate that your love will last forever with Tungsten Carbide bands. The ring is laser-engraved designs engagement ring featuring celtic style, with double infinite line, the extra width is 9mm wide and slim 8mm width, a comfort-fit band. 18k gold plated with underlying Tungsten beautiful, very smooth finish combined with a detailed cratfmanship make them unforgettable. 
Blue Chip Unlimited - Matching 8mm Gold Tungsten Cross Rings His & Hers Ring Set Wedding Bands Engagement Rings (Available in Whole & Half Sizes 5-15) 
A flat top with grooved edges to lend a more comfortable fit, while sleek and laser engraved Celtic knot design ring makes a bold statement. Crafts and durable, suitable for the next engagement, a birthday present or to update / replace existing wedding ring. Tungsten will not scratch! Made for a lifetime!

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