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Antique Silver Gemstone Ring Yellow Sapphire Ring and Emerald Ring Engagement for Women Design

Antique Silver Gemstone Ring with AAA Grade Ruby- Tsavorite and Yellow Sapphire Ring for Women Design

A display of beautiful colors in blackened silver ribbon gives this antique silver gemstone ring a distinctive look and feel. A magnificent Ruby sits in the middle of a wreath of Green Tsavorite and Yellow Sapphire. Band's own Silver Black Rhodium coated with a layer that gives the ring a "Patina", the effect desired by many jewelry lovers. Ruby is considered to give the wearer fame, fortune, power and warmth.

Now you can have Antique Silver Gemstone Ring with AAA Grade Ruby, Tsavorite and Yellow Sapphire Ring!

Luxury Ladies Solid British Sterling Silver Natural Emerald Marquise Cluster Ring

Luxury Ladies Solid Sterling Silver Natural Opal & Emerald Cluster Ring  
This Marquise Cluster Ring unusual but classic set in hand with an array of Vibrant Beautiful Emerald. Marquise cut Emerald center measuring 8x4mm (0.32 "x0.16") and is surrounded by eight 3.5mm (0.14 ") round cut Emeralds fit, they have all been securely claw set in the Settings High Quality Solid Sterling Silver.

All Natural Emeralds Emeralds are mined from Solid ground. Emerald Every unique which is why each one has had to raise their hands for this ring by a Jewellers.
Luxury Ladies Solid British Sterling Silver Natural Emerald Cluster Ring  
The interior of the rod ring has been stamped by the Assay Office in London with a Full English Hallmark Silver - just look at the articles of High Quality Silver. Assay office was established in 1300, they tested the Silver content of articles submitted to them and will only put a sign on the item that has a silver content is correct, then this cap is your independent evidence that the ring is made of Solid Sterling Silver. These signs include the 925, the Head Royal Leopards and lions.

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