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Celtic Engagement Ring-Celtic Diamond Engagement Ring Design

Celtic Engagement Ring-Celtic Diamond Engagement Ring Design

Celtic Engagement Ring-Celtic Diamond Engagement Ring
Celtic engagement ring provides the literal sense to the renowned phrase "tying the knot" as the ring is a representation of the infinite and everlasting love when it is created to a diamond Celtic engagement.

Let's look our best Celtic engagement ring collection

Celtic Diamond Engagement Ring
Celtic Diamond Engagement Rings
Show her you've noticed her love for her Irish heritage by giving her this Irish inspired Celtic engagement ring
  • Engagement ring base: head and center stone sold separately. Shown with a 1/2 ct round
  • Weight: 4.62 grams
  • 8 Diamonds, 1/8 ct tw, SI1-2, G-I
  • 6 diamonds are .015 ct, 1.5mm: 2 diamonds are .02 ct, 1.7 mm
  • size 6 (can be sized by your local jeweler)
  • Now get your own Celtic Diamond Engagement Ring right now!
Semi Mount Diamond Engagement Ring Celtic Gold
Diamond Celti Engagement Ring semi Mount
The Celts believed in the relationship and dependence of all life, and their elaborate designs reflecting the connection node. There are lots of kinds of knots inserted into the rings and other jewelry, however a special meaning varies from tribe to tribe and there is no overall guidance for the design node. Some of the spirals and geometric symbols can be traced to 3000 BC, and whilst their meanings have been lost to history, the beauty and mystery of a Celtic engagement ring will obtain significance for couples who share it.

Celtic Gemstone Rings
Celtic Gemstone Rings
This Ring is crafted from Solid Sterling Silver and set with Precious Gem. The quality of this piece of jewelry is outstanding. It will definitely make a remarkable and reasonably-priced gift for yourself or a loved one on any occasion.

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From basic to decompose knots, establishment of patterns, Celtic cuts is rich with symbolism does not matter what your cultural heritage. As the ring is very detailed and symbolic, they are a very good choice for the couple to represent their involvement, and the knots will remain a very real reminder of how their love and their lives interconnected for years.

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